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As much as we love happy and healthy puppies, we love hearing positive reviews.

Just wanted to let you know Benny (now Zen) is doing so well with us. He is so well adjusted and so sweet. He’s a smart boy who hasn’t had any potty accidents, sleeps well in his crate and is already learning to sit. We are so in love and thank you for starting him out so well. My mom and I are both blown away at what a good pup he is ❤️



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I don’t know how we found you. Lol. My husband and I are thrilled. You have no idea. We are starting a family in the next year but we wanted to complete our fur baby family first. And he’s the perfect addition. He will be wonderful with our future babies!! 😍 


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Hi Melissa, just wanted to let you know he is adjusting so well at home. Also, his potty training you did with him is AMAZING so thank you!!!

- Alexi

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I can’t thank you guys enough! I am so in love it’s crazy. I can’t wait for my children to meet her. We will update you on her growth and happy life but again thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you and your daughter.


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He gets lots of attention everywhere we go! We are absolutely in love with him. He has such a great personality and gives us so much joy. 


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The puppy is doing great!  My mom already loves her and is SO happy!  This pup is SO sweet affectionate, smart, inquisitive, attentive, and full of energy!  


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He is better than you said!  He slept through the night, and he is so so calm, and loving, and we all love him so much! 💕Your daughter and her husband were so nice!  Thank you so so much.

It has been almost 1 year next Friday. He is the most special dog I have ever had! He is loved by all. Best boy ever! He was named “Best Dog” by his Veterinarian, and his picture was taken to hang in their Office for the year. He is so so loving with everyone and so gentle almost human. Thank you for bringing this wonderful little guy into our life💕


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Hey thank you so so much! We love our new baby and he is the most handsome boy ever. I will definitely be recommending you to people around here!


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You did a great job socializing her and pee pad training her.  She was very well adjusted right from the start. 


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We couldn’t love anything more! He’s the sweetest little guy and super smart. 


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I'm still obsessed with my dog and WHEN I get another, it will be from you!


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Hi Melissa, we are over the moon with our puppy. 


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We absolutely adore our beautiful Bernedoodle puppy Maggie. Although we have only had her a few days, she has quickly adapted to our household and become part of the family. She is absolutely gorgeous and her temperament is so sweet. She is extremely affectionate, well-mannered, and playful. I attribute this to the loving care of her breeders. I highly recommend Melissa and Blackberry Farm Puppies. My daughter and I ended up flying to Utah to pick up our puppy. Melissa was gracious and attentive during the whole process and we got to see firsthand how loving her home is. What also struck me was how beautiful and healthy every single puppy in Maggie’s litter was. I wanted to take all of them home with me. We thank you from the bottom of hearts Melissa. You have provided us with the perfect new addition to our family. 


My husband and I were wanting a mini Bernedoodle and saw on the internet a listing from Blackberry  Farm Puppies. 

We inquired immediately and received a quick call back.

We chose the one we were drawn to and within a few hours of arranging the payment and deciding on the pick-up date we were set to get our adorable Bernedoodle who is absolutely adorable and so smart and sweet.

They were honest and

very knowledgeable with us and they seemed so excited for their puppy to become ours.

They answered all our questions and we had quite a few because we are first time dog owners. 

Great experience for us and we have already recommended these breeders to others 😀 


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