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Who We Are

Hi! I’m Melissa, and this is my husband Todd. We have a wonderful family business where we responsibly raise happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies with the help of my sister and her family, our 3 daughters, and some amazing guardian homes.  We live on a beautiful fruit farm where we grow cherries, grapes, pears, apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, mulberries and of course blackberries. We have always loved working outside with a big yard and having our dogs there to help us and enjoy all the adventures that a big yard has to offer. Raising them in our home over the years has been one of our greatest joys!

At Blackberry Farm Puppies, we raise exceptional animals in a loving and caring environment according to a responsible breeding program. Some of our happiest moments are when our puppies are adopted by loving families. We currently raise a variety of hypoallergenic poodle mixes and purebreds with a specialty in Bernedoodles and Cavapoos. 

Commitment to Responsible Breeding

We raise our puppies in our home. They are part of our family from the first day they are born. Our dogs are my full-time job, and my top priority is ensuring that each of our dogs and puppies is safe and healthy.


Our responsibility is to provide the best possible start and a wide array of socialization skills that will be a long life foundation for each puppy and be able to promote the best possible temperament and socially sound puppies.


We practice ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) with our puppies. Some of the benefits of ENS include greater resistance to disease, more tolerance to stress, and a stronger heartbeat, just to name a few. We spend many hours with each puppy. 


Here are a few things we do with them:

  • Daily activities to shape temperament

  • Multiple De-worming at appropriate ages

  • Positive socialization with children, men, women, and our other dogs.

  • Car Rides

  • Noise desensitization

  • Potty training started

  • Bathing

  • Brushing

  • Trimming their nails

  • Clipper desensitization

  • And much much more


Our dogs have been genetic tested through Embark or Animal Genetics. While this doesn’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong with your dogs health, it allows us to avoid passing on known preventable diseases. Our objective is to produce healthy, happy puppies, and this is a great start to doing so. 

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